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When you order by the container load,whether you need a 20 or 40 foot container, our factory in India serves as a single stop for despatch. We ship to Europe, Australia, the United States and Middle east countries.. Our normal turn around on container orders is 15 to 90 days on confirmed orders.

Prices are wholesale prices for order by the container load only. All prices are FOB Mumbai Port. We can Quote on other terms also.


1. In order to be considered a firm order, Rajathan Art, requires a deposit of 25% of the total order.
2. The remaining balance of the total cost is required before release of documents for the container.


Rajasthan Art, guarantees necessary packing and shipping. Shipping insurance is available at customer's request.


If for any reason a customer cannot take possession of an ordered container once it has reached its final destination, then the customer shall be held responsible for all costs and charges incurred.

CONTAINER Specifications :

20 foot container40 foot container
Internal Dimensions:
Length: 19'5", 5.919m
Width: 7'8", 2.340m
Height: 7'9.5", 2.380m
Internal Dimensions:
Length: 39'6.5", 12.051m
Width: 7'8", 2.340m
Height: 7'9.5", 2.380m
Tare Weight:
Tare Weight:
Cubic Capacity: 1,165 cubic ft.
33.0cbm (actual)
28 cbm (recommended)
Cubic Capacity:
2,377 cubic ft.
67.3cbm (actual)
58 cbm (recommended)
Payload: 60,401lbs.


How do I order a container?

All you have to do is go through our various emails and write down the codes, quantities, and stuff selection (where applicable), and email the information to us. In return, we will send you an order confirmation stating the lead time along with the total cost of your order. Once you have reviewed your order, make any necessary changes, sign your order and scan or fax it back to us

Can I choose what I put on my container?

Just tell us which and how many items you want. If the item is not in our emails, but you know it is being produced in India, just send us a picture of the item, and we will do our best to add it to our product line

Can I mix different product lines on my container?

Sure. You can choose from our selection of furniture, accessories and stocks. etc.

Can a container be shipped anywhere?


Are pre-loaded containers available?

Yes, occasionally. Please call for availability.

Where do you currently ship?

We can ship all over the world to countries including The United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, France, Malta, The Netherlands, Middle east and more.

How do you pack the container?

We use a three-step packing process. First, a water-resistant wax , followed by single-sided corrugated cardboard. Finally, on the edges and tops, we use a heavy cardboard or bubble sheet to protect the items from rubbing against each other in the container and also silican pouches inside furniture for absorbing humidity in future.

How long will it take to get my container?

Most containers are shipped within 3 to 8 weeks after we have received a confirmed order.

When do I have to pay for my container?

A 25 percent deposit is required to confirm the container order. The balance is paid before or upon arrival in your port of destination and the Original Bill of Lading is signed over to you.

What do I do if some of the items on the container arrive damaged?

Since every situation is different, each damage claim is handled on a case-by-case basis. In general, however, any manufacturing defect or damage that results from improper packing, and is in excess of 5% of the value of the shipment, is considered by Rajasthan Art.

Are discounts available?

Yes, for multiple-container purchases or prepaid orders, discount can range between 2% to 15%.

I have more questions.

Please call us on +91-9314927001 for any explanation.


Complaints about quality of container contents shall be accepted if they total more than 5% of the total value (before any discounts) of the container; such documented claims must be made within 2 (two) weeks of receipt of the container. Rajasthan art reserves the right to reject any claims not supported by full documentation. All approved compensation and/or credits shall be given to the customer in the form of in-house credit to insure replacement of damaged goods.

Product information and care:

What type of wood is used in Rajasthan Art furniture?
1. Sheesham (she shahm)- a hardwood similar to rosewood, indigenous to India. Dense, heavy , durable. Has cathedral like grain.
2. Kikor (key core) – a hardwood similar to rosewood indigenous to India. Most lighter finished pieces are made from this wood. Some qualities as sheesham.
3. Mango: a hardwood indigenous to India. Most lighter finished pieces are made from this wood. Rough finish is done with this wood. It is with nominal grains.
4. Reclaimed wood: Various kinds of used hardwood indigenous to India. Due to reuse, it is already painted or polished so gives effect of coloured wood mix. It is good as it is naturally seasoned for long years.

Do these wood split?

Our wood is kiln dried. We guarantee the seams in our furniture will not open up beyond a slight movement that may be expected with rustic furniture made with panel construction. Please note that a seam split differs from the natural distress of the wood.

Do the finish in collection match?

Our product is rustic and hand finished. Pieces will have a consistent overall tone i.e. light v/s dark. However there are some variances in the finishes and therefore, we cannot guarantee matching. Pleae note that grain, texture and tones will vary from piece to piece due to the nature of the wood and its hand finished processing.

Why does my piece look different from the photograph in the catalog or excel?
We have done our best to represent each piece as closely as possible in the offer sheet or catalog. However different lighting and settings in photography will affect the colour and appreance of a piece. With collections, the best way to determine color is to look at overall similarities in finishes on pieces throughout the entire collection.


Sunlight ,water and humidity levels should always be considered. Never place furniture in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat for extended period of time. Also do not use wood oil treatments, wet wash cloths etc.

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